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Our financial planners and staff provide advice and consulting to determine how you can put your money to work!


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Inclusive Wealth places clients’ interests first. We believe that client relationships are best served by seasoned professionals with experience and integrity. Given the complexities of the financial markets and the speed at which change occurs, experience ensures a perspective that is necessary in order to navigate you towards a successful conclusion of your stated financial objectives.

Financial Planning

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You may be wanting to start a family, or buy a house, or are considering retirement. Whatever your scenario is, we can help provide you a detailed financial plan to ensure you are on track! Financial plans give you a realistic overview of your financial situation now and in the future, providing peace of mind. Along with financial planning, retirement planning and estate planning go hand-in-hand and make individuals and families feel confident about their financial decisions.

Our innovative financial planning software allows us to answer the question everybody wants to know: ‘When will I run out of money?’. Do you want to know if you should retire now, or in five years? Should you take CPP early? Can you afford a cottage? These are all questions we are able to address and we can help advise you on these decisions.

Estate Planning

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Estate Planning is a process and is part of any detailed financial plan. Our innovative team of advisors will guide you through this process and provide valuable direction at all levels, explaining all of the different scenarios.

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