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At Inclusive we handle a variety of personal and business tax situations.

Rental Properties, Self Employed and Investments

Returns for self employed individuals or those with rental properties or investment activity need to ensure that additional requirements are being followed. Don’t get caught missing them! Contact us to discuss your situation.

Executor’s Role

If someone has passed there are several responsibilities that are passed onto the executor. One of these responsibilities is ensuring all final tax matters for the individual are completed and filed on time. Please see our estates section for more information or contact us at your convenience.

Assessments and Reassessments

Notice of assessments and re-assessments are often hard to understand, almost as if the Canada Revenue Agency speaks its own language. If you feel you are being unfairly reassessed or need to file or adjust prior year returns contact us.


Recording daily transactions, setting up account categories, tracking expenses, reconciling the bank account…does this sound like something you have time for? Probably not, so come and see how we can free up your time.

Sales Tax

Knowing when to register, how to remit and collect, who and when to pay, filing adjustments…does this sound like something that is running itself? Probably not, but we know it all too well, so let us help.


Acquiring a payroll account number, calculating deductions, making remittances, filing t-slips…does this sound like something you really want to do? Probably not, but we do, so give us a call.

Corporate Accounting


Running a business takes a lot of time and energy. Managing customers, doing the work, paying bills, invoicing, it keeps you busy from the time you open to the time you close. Is there time for strategy somewhere in there? Don’t be satisfied with the daily routine, don’t let dilemmas sit unresolved and don’t let business opportunities pass you by. Consult with us to see how we can create solutions and create direction. Move your business forward with us.

Financial Statements & Audits

Year end looming? Are you a new business? Compilation work wraps up the year end and results in financial statements in hand, corporate taxes filed and a fresh start to a new year. Come and see us for your compilation work.

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