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Rental Properties, Self Employed and Investments

Returns for self employed individuals or those with rental properties or investment activity need to ensure that additional requirements are being followed.

If you miss these requirements you can end up owing more than you think.

Executor’s Role

When someone passes away, there are several responsibilities that are passed onto their executor. If you’ve never done this before, the process can be overwhelming.

One of many elements involved is ensuring all final tax matters for the individual are completed and filed on time.

Assessments and Reassessments

Notices of assessment and reassessment can be hard to understand. It’s almost as if the Canada Revenue Agency speaks another language.

If you have been reassessed or need to file or adjust prior year returns, we can help.


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Recording daily transactions, setting up account categories, tracking expenses, and reconciling bank accounts are just some of the bookkeeping tasks that come along with running a business. Our team of bookkeepers can help you reclaim valuable time.

Sales Tax

Knowing when to register, how to remit and collect, who and when to pay, and filing adjustments – business owners are expected to know all of this. Reduce the burden and call us.


Acquiring a payroll account number, calculating deductions, making remittances, and filing tax slips – all things that have to be done so employees get paid. Our team can check all of these items in a fraction of the time.

Corporate Accounting

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Running a business takes a lot of time and energy. Between the day to day, is there any time for strategy? How will your business grow and thrive if you don’t take time to evaluate what is and isn’t working?

Don’t be satisfied with the daily routine. You may be overlooking business opportunities because you’re buried in the daily grind.

Our advisors take your business model and help you explore new opportunities to maximize your bottom line and give you insights on how to best to run a sustainable business.

Financial Statements & Audits

Compilation work takes your year end and provides you with the financial statements you need for audits, your investors, and your lenders.

Get your corporate taxes filed and dive into a new year with clarity.

Very informative, Friendly, and cost effective. They have helped me and my business with all my Bookkeeping and Accounting needs, Highly recommend.
William, Client
We have been working with Inclusive Advisory for several months now and are more than pleased – the team at Inclusive ensures our organization’s needs are met and goes above and beyond to assist us in our daily bookkeeping and auditing requirements.
Heidi, Kawartha Gymnastics Club

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