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Sometimes you have one simple question, other times the issues are more complex.

Inclusive Law deals with business law, real estate law, succession planning, wills and powers of attorney. With Inclusive, you’ll get the knowledge and expertise necessary to deal with both your individual and business needs.

Corporate Law

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Inclusive Law offers a variety of business law services. Whether incorporating a new business or re-organizing an existing business, our lawyers will collaborate with Inclusive’s accountants to create the best possible legal, tax and strategic outcomes for your business.

Inclusive Law professionals are trained in the legal formation of corporations, partnership agreements & joint ventures, corporate re-organizations, dissolutions, mergers, acquisitions, and the review and formation of contracts.

Explore one our Business Advisory Packages to ensure you’re making the most informed decision by having both an accountant and lawyer consider your growth strategy and provide insight and guidance.

Real Estate

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Inclusive Law provides clarity to the complex landscape of real estate law. We work with the banks and real estate agents to define items such as title searches, home inspections, and property lines.

Wills, Estate Planning and Trusts

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When estate planning is put off until someone passes away, it leaves the executor and family in a state of confusion. Wills, estate planning, and trusts provide a detailed path for your loved ones and allow them to move through the process swiftly and with as few penalties as possible.

The Inclusive Law team will work with you to ensure that your assets will be distributed as you intended.


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Need a signature notarized? Some documents need an authorized notary to guarantee your identity.

Whether you’re creating a Power of Attorney, transferring ownership of real estate or any other situation where you need to guarantee your identity, a notary will ensure the documents are prepared and signed correctly.

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