HR Solutions

We offer a range of human resources services, from answering the most basic questions to designing a complete HR program!

Employment Standards

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If you’re like most people, reading employment legislation is a great way to start a nap! We offer concise audits of employment contracts, basic employment law, and health and safety legislation compliance while answering all your can I do this? questions.

Health and Safety

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You may not know what health and safety training your employees need, how to write a health and safety policy, or how often you need to inspect your fire extinguishers, but you know who to call. We offer consulting services covering workplace violence and harassment, joint health and safety committees, emergency procedures, health and safety training compliance, and more.

Strategic Growth

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Have questions you don’t see mentioned above? We offer a la carte services for the unexpected questions and everything from writing policy and employee codes of conduct, to benefits and turnover analysis, to employee satisfaction surveys and succession planning.

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